This site is intended to provide shooters a view of shooting range locations. It is designed to only show ranges in the 50 US states plus Washington DC.

To start, the site is seeded with data gathered from the NRA’s range registry, tweaked a little here and there.

Is your range on the map?

Only 50% of the ranges are mapped.

What's the difference between a mapped and an unmapped range? The address. I need a reliable street address and not P.O. box numbers. "2.5 miles North of town on M-52" won't work either.

I take an address and submit it to a geocoding serviceā€”a service that accepts an address and gives back latitude and longitude coordinates. I add those coordinates to the appropriate shooting range, and, voila, it is mapped.

However, if the address isn't quite right, I will get uncertain coordinates, and I will not post those.

It's up to you to help me out.

I'll need input from shooters around the country to get all ranges mapped.

First, see if your range is on the map or the text lists on the state pages. If it is in the text listing, but not on the map, it means the address information I have isn't working for me. Submit a correction using the link in the text listing.

If your range does not appear anywhere, use the contact form to tell me about the range.


This site uses a mapping service provided by Yahoo! and a Geocoding service, which translates street addresses into latitude/longitude coordinates for placing on a map, provided by Google.

The site runs on a LAMP platform and uses a security-focused Web framework called Nephtali.

Who made this site?

Hi, my name is Davin Granroth. I’m a bullseye pistol shooter, and have competed on and off since 1990. I work in the Web field, and this site is a little side project. Every now and then I put in some time on it. I had to move not long ago, and one of my questions was if there was a shooting range near where I was moving to.

There are other listings of shooting ranges out there, most prominently the NRA’s registry. However, in my opinion, this type of information is better off shown geographically than in text-only form.

Thus, this site.

View shooting range listings by US state